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We cannot provide any support for the FHA program itself. Please contact the program staff not the webmaster.


Additional contributors are welcome. Anyone wishing to participate or to contribute, please contact us at the number shown above.
Generally FHIMS model updates are exported at the end of each month and uploaded soon after.



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To speak to the FHIMS.org webmaster by phone call: 1 703 815-0900.


Please call during our business hours only: 9 am - 6 p.m. E.T. USA.

Please note: this phone number provides support ONLY on the FHIMS.org web site contents itself.  We do not provide any support for the FHA program, the use of the model or architectural tools such as EA (tm).

artistic composition of glass specimen containing the FHIM model




In the course of our meetings many people have asked us: "Where can I see the model?". This site was developed in response to this question.  It enables interested parties to view the FHIMS model diagrams.  Our aim is that the extreme value already present in this model will be apparent and will serve to promote interoperability among Federal Agencies and other stakeholders.   

The model diagrams shown are automatically generated from the model by Rational Software Architect (tm) by IBM.   This website displays the .HTML files exported directly from the model.   


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