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    All of the requested clinical domains have now been modeled. The domains are being maintained. The class properties have been mapped to FHIR (TM) V 4.

    The FHIM model is current as of 08/20/2019.

The FHIM model is sponsored by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC)

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    Federal Health Information Model

    The purpose of the FHIMS program was intended to coordinate the efforts of the partner agencies with the development of Electronic Medical Records, information and terminology standards, including the coordination of agency efforts at relevant Standards Development Organizations (SDOs). This website was created for Healthcare IT professionals for collaborative purposes only and is subject to the terms of use. It is not an official government website for the FHIMS program. The FHIMS is an information model rather than a data model. Data models are meant to be implemented, whereas information models are higher level specifications.


Preventing Pressure Ulcer Sores

This work on pressure ulcers was developed in collaboration with the U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs Veteran’s Health Administration, Kaiser Permanente, the SNOMED CT Nursing Working Group and the Clinical LOINC committee. The ballot was reviewed by U.S. national wound and nutrition experts. The goal of the ulcer risk model is to represent clinical information pertinent to assessment of pressure ulcer risk and risk management. It is intended to specify information requirements for the domain, not to constrain implementers to any specific logical pattern.