The Home-Based Primary Care domain originates from the VA's VistA system. The FHIM team has not yet undertaken to model this domain, so it is largely a reflection of the VistA as-is data elements with the FHIM modeling style applied.

The VA's Home Based Primary Care program provides health care services to Veterans in their home. The program is for Veterans who need skilled services, case management and help with activities of daily living (e.g., help with bathing, dressing, fixing meals or taking medicines), but who are not so sick that they need to be in a nursing home. Patients are evaluated as they are considered for "admission" into the program, and then again when they are "discharged" from the program. This package could be looked at as a "registry" of the "cohort" of patients that are, or were, or could be in the Home Based Primary Care program and the results of the admission and discharge evaluations.

admissionAssessment Property admissionAssessment Property admissionAssessment admissionAssessment Property Property hbpcAdmission_admissionAssessment Polyline coordinates describing hotspot on the image primaryDiagnosis Property primaryDiagnosis Property primaryDiagnosis primaryDiagnosis Property Property hbpcAssessment_primaryDiagnosis Polyline coordinates describing hotspot on the image dischargeAssessment Property dischargeAssessment Property dischargeAssessment dischargeAssessment Property Property hbpcDischarge_dischargeAssessment Polyline coordinates describing hotspot on the image evaluationAtDischargeFromHbpc Property evaluationAtDischargeFromHbpc Property evaluationAtDischargeFromHbpc evaluationAtDischargeFromHbpc Property Property homeBasedPrimaryCareEpisode_evaluationAtDischargeFromHbpc Polyline coordinates describing hotspot on the image evaluationAtAdmissionToHbpc Property evaluationAtAdmissionToHbpc Property evaluationAtAdmissionToHbpc evaluationAtAdmissionToHbpc Property Property homeBasedPrimaryCareEpisode_evaluationAtAdmissionToHbpc Polyline coordinates describing hotspot on the image evaluatingLocation Property evaluatingLocation Property evaluatingLocation evaluatingLocation Property Property homeBasedPrimaryCareEpisode_evaluatingLocation Polyline coordinates describing hotspot on the image patient Property patient Property patient patient Property Property homeBasedPrimaryCareEpisode_patient Polyline coordinates describing hotspot on the image Comment walkingAbility visionAbility transferringAbility toiletUsageAbility receptiveCommunicationAbility moodDisturbance mobility maritalStatus livingArrangement hearingAbility expressiveCommunicationAbility eligibilityCategory eatingAbility dressingAbility disorientation careGiverLimitations careCategory bowelContinence bladderContinence behavioralProblems bathingAbility agencyCategory adaptiveTasksAbility HbpcAssessment diagnosisModifier diagnosisCode contextCode Diagnosis dischargeStatus dateDischarged HbpcDischarge dateAdmitted HbpcAdmission telecom serviceType name identifier dateRange category address ServiceDeliveryLocation nonAdmissionReason nonAdmissionDisposition evaluationDate admitRejectStatus HomeBasedPrimaryCareRegistry status patientId mothersIdentifier endDate beginDate Patient




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